Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 25/02/2010

Don’t Get Stuck

Have you ever put in a music CD or a DVD only to find out that it skips or sticks, usually around your favorite song or at a critical part in the movie? It ruins the experience as a whole for you. After all, it is hard to enjoy only parts of something. To gain the full effect and intent, you need to listen to or watch the whole thing. So, you take it out, clean it off, rub it on your pants, and then try again. Sometimes it may work, others it may not.

I think often in our lives, we treat parenting like a CD or a DVD that we play over and over again. We play the same song or movie over and over again. We treat our children, and expect them to act exactly, the same way. Life has seasons. Things change, exceptions are made. We need to parent with the same fluidity. Rules are necessary, but parenting requires instinct and flexibility as well.

How effective of a life can we live if we are always on auto play? Listen to the entire CD. Watch the whole DVD. Then ask God to help you be creative and not parent stuck in a rut. Move forward and make the best movie in history."Truck Stuck IN Mud"

Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 18/02/2010

This Is The Day

This is the day that God has made, will you rejoice and be glad in it? Can we teach our children to be thankful, rejoice and be glad in it? A lot of the time, life is about routine. We must get in the habit and practice of being thankful, and teach our children the same. It is too easy to fall into criticism, sarcasm, and forget what really matters. Unfortunately, this usually begins at the top.
"Kid Yawning"
When you meet a child who is a complainer, a whiner, never thankful, and even bitter it is usually trickle down from the top. Get in the discipline of being thankful for what ever good things are in your life. Then, teach your children that same discipline.

Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 18/02/2010

Personal Invitation

I always find it interesting when churches or groups “schedule” revival meetings. Can we really pick a date for God to show up? Do we need to invite and make sure the “right” people are present? Don’t get me wrong. I am not against these types of meetings. I just try to make every day a personal revival so that my “high” does not end when the conference or meeting is over.
"Carrier Pigeon"
Every day when we invite God to show up in our lives should be an opportunity for a personal revival. And from that personal revival, we can bring revival to those around us. We need to be the revival (through our own personal experience) that our spouse, our children, and our family need.

Get into God and experience revival that can last all year long.

Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 17/02/2010

Take Your Time

The other day I wrote that I tried instant mashed potatoes. I also remember as a child, having to drink powdered milk because it was cheap and we were poor. When I was older, I looked at the back of the box. Powdered milk, as well as instant potatoes, do not contain all of the vitamins and the other things you need from the original.
"Cars In Traffic"
Like in powdered milk and instant potatoes, good things can be made almost instantly in life. Great things, however, take more time. But, they are worth the work and wait. In your home, with your marriage, in rearing children, don’t go for the powdered or instant method. Have the goal in mind and work for what you really want!

Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 17/02/2010

Start At The Top

I remember when I was young I used to listen to a musician and song writer named Keith Green a lot. He has one song where he sings that he will never love his wife and children more than God. I remember being shocked and could never understand why he would pray that. I love my wife and children with all of my heart.
"Man On Top Of Mountain"
I think often in life, we get the order mixed up. The Bible tells us to love the Lord thy God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength. And from that love, loyalty, and devotion will come the ability to love our family more than we thought we already did in our own sinful, selfish ways.

Don’t love the gift more than the giver. If you are married, love God first. Then love your spouse next. Then love your children next, and so on. After all God is the reason you are married. Your spouse is the reason you have children. And your children are the product of that love which began before they came along.

Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 17/02/2010

Learning To Read

"Young Boy Reading"My 5 year old son is learning to read. Wow! How refreshing to hear the innocence, the cogs turning as he realizes what he is reading. Simple things that come with spending time with our children are refreshing. We often miss these things as educated, proper adults. Get some time with your children. You need it as much as they do, trust me!

Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 16/02/2010

Spoken Expectations

"Boy Climbing Rockwall"I believe that our children can do everything that we believe they can do. Positive or negative, your children will live up to our expectations. So be careful what you wish for. Try to be the encouragement your kids need today!

Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 16/02/2010

Are You Busy?

Are you busy for your kids or with your kids? There is a difference. Work can wait. Be intentional in getting time with your kids. You need it, trust me!"Father & Son Playing"

Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 16/02/2010

Love The Giver

"Wrapped Gift"Don’t love the gift more than the giver. Love your wife, after all she is the reason you have children. Model unconditional love for your children by how you treat your wife not only on special days, but 24/7, 365.

Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 16/02/2010

Parenting Like A Wii

I am wondering if parenting is like Wii? Can we decide to be a beginner, intermediate, or an expert depending on how we feel? We need to make a decision and stick with it!"Indecision Cartoon"

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