Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 28/08/2010

Raising Strengths

Recently as I have been reading, I have been reminded that it is far more important to focus on, and live by, our strengths. It is especially critical that we help our children focus on their strengths as well. Everywhere they turn, our children are inundated by the media, or peers, or teachers to focus on weaknesses; they are not the right size, the right shape, the right color, they are not smart enough, they do not have the best toys or gadgets.

Often times, even family, friends, and our church community focus on weaknesses. They give more attention to our sin and the things that they do wrong than those things that are innately theirs from God – their strengths. These very strengths are the things that will often keep children motivated because they are the things that come naturally to them.

To be successful, the truth lies in how we help our children use what they have been given in strengths. Are they naturally good at talking or public speaking? Do they enjoy a lot of people in their life? Are they shy but very loyal once they find common friends? Do they like sports, or to read, or both? Are they gifted at science, or organization? Often times we think they are too young to really have any strengths. Not true. Whatever it is, God has given them those as resources to make the world a better place.

If you do not help your children do what they were made to do by using their strengths, then you are robbing the world of a great resource and taking something away from someone who should be doing what they are doing. Make sense?

Many times because we are only told what our weaknesses are, we may not know how we can assist our children in finding theirs. We want our children to be their best. The best according to who? What standard are we placing them up against and who do we need to measure up to? To you? To your parents? To a sibling? To someone you may want them to be more like? More than likely those people have different strengths and to compare your child to them is walking them off the pier of failure.

Your children are uniquely gifted. Develop their strengths and help them use them every day to change the world. We are counting on you!


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