Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 22/03/2010

Are You Prophetic Or Pathetic?

Do your words reflect who God is in your life and who you know him to be? Or do you speak the picture as you see it, reality overdosed? Prophetic is defined as foretelling events as if by divine inspiration: casual words that proved true. Simply put, it means to speak into the future what you see as true. It seems today that there are tons of “self-help” books written on how to improve your life based on what you think, believe, and tell yourself.
"Bird Reflection"
It is true – words are powerful. When it comes to our children, we need to speak into their lives and their futures what we see and believe to be true for them.
"Bow & Arrow"
If your words aren’t prophetic, then they are pathetic. Often we speak into our children the bleak realities of life as we live it, or have lived it. We want to be real, and let them know how hard life can be. Why spoil it for them? They will discover on their own the challenges that await them. We do not have much hope ourselves, nor do we have any for them.
"Old Man Toothless"
Don’t limit your children by your own boundaries. Even if you do not fully believe what you are saying yet, have enough belief in your children to speak a future far beyond yourself for them. If you don’t enjoy your life, why would you want to speak the same existence into being for them?
"Lassoed Calf"
Words can be used to build a future for your children that they will walk into and succeed. Eat some crow stew with a side of humble pie and let your words exceed your present circumstances. Like we have all heard before, “If you can say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.


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