Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 19/03/2010

Educators, Not Indoctrinators

As my children have been through the streets of home schooling, public school, and private school, my wife and I have learned a lot about education and those who “rule” over our children.
"Country School"
We are, for the most part, appreciative of those who truly see their job as a calling and enjoy what they do. We are not keen toward those who feel their role is to use their classroom as a stage and indoctrinate our children with their personal opinions and political propaganda.

I remember one of our daughters as a freshman in high school told us that her school was going to hold an assembly on gender neutrality and sensitivity. Not! She was “sick” that day since the real reason for her absence would not be condoned or a legitimate absence. Another daughter of ours in junior high brought home a permission slip for an assembly on abstinence awareness and sexual orientation. Not! She skipped that assembly and was not the only student in the library instead. One of her teachers, who is an extreme liberal, decided to make every student do a report on why global warming was the decided demise of our life on Earth and how President Obama would make everything in America right again.
"Teacher Teaching"
Here’s a thought. Negotiate other options with your children and their teachers that include your actual beliefs and convictions. My wife and I disagree with some of the public school teacher’s beliefs and we have healthy discussions with our children as to why. We try and let our children form their own beliefs and opinions so that they remain a conviction when we are not there to coach them.

Our solution was to write a report that fulfills the obligations without the hopeless outcome. I remember one of our daughters chose to put a Bible verse in her presentation and many of her classmates were glad she did.

Education is a grey area in today’s world. The moral line of principle is written in pencil and often erased so as to not offend the masses. What ever your personal weapon of educational choice, don’t let your personal values, beliefs, and convictions be compromised on your children. Know what they are being taught and decide whether or not you agree. After all, they are your children.
"Student At Chalkboard"
Your children are impressionable, but intelligent. Give them a chance, with your guidance, to form their beliefs and convictions so that they know right and wrong in school and in life.


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