Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 18/03/2010

Frozen Yogurt, “Mix-In” Faith

I remember as a kid when the whole frozen yogurt phase kicked in. Suddenly ice cream was no longer good for you, and frozen yogurt was the healthier choice.
"Ice Cream Cone"
My family dove right into that and tried it. You placed your order, but they only had chocolate or vanilla at first. Once they saw that the trend was going to take off, they added a few more flavors. And to really make an impression, they decided to give you choices of things called “mix-ins”.

Before you knew it, you were on an adventure that even allowed you to mix the chocolate and vanilla flavors together and add “mix-ins”. Eventually you had a huge cup of frozen yogurt with m&m’s, or butter finger pieces, or gummy bears, or fruit, or something else that sounded good all for about $5.00 or more. Wow.
"Frozen Yogurt"
You could get a couple of gallons of ice cream for that. But, we are a people of variety, choices, and personal preferences. We place our own value on what matters most to us based on how or what we are feeling at the time.

I wonder how many of us live our lives and treat our children like the frozen yogurt store. Suddenly, we want to throw a few “mix-ins” to the marriage we have built, or add some variety to the faith we have lived, or switch up our parenting style, and maybe even mix up the career we so wanted and is suddenly no longer good enough for us. We need more variety, more choices. We want our own “mix-ins”.

We compromise our beliefs, our faith, our values, and our hard work by adding a few new habits here and there, otherwise known as sins or addictions, and think the outcome won’t really matter. By settling for less in the areas we have had success, and compromising our high standards we have worked so hard to build, we decide to take on the latest trend because “they” recommended it, or so-and-so told us it worked for them, or we want to spice things up a little.
"Choice Sign"
I remember the one thing I disliked most about frozen yogurt was how quickly it melted and turned to a bowl of liquid “mix-ins”. That is how quickly the things we try to change spontaneously and add to our beliefs, faith, and values will turn and liquefy as well.

Unlike frozen yogurt, you can’t choose your mix-ins in life and in raising your children. Children need consistency from us in order to remain constant in their lives. God is a God who wants to reveal Himself to us and give us the right formula, or “mix-ins”, for our life and for our children as well. We don’t choose two of these and three of those according to how we feel. The more we live a life of trust and faith with God, the more he reveals himself to us. There is no need to add “mix-ins” to get variety.

Stay steady and the things God is telling you to do will take root and sprout in the lives of your children.


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