Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 06/03/2010

Trust The Experts

Is anyone else out there as confused as I am about the “experts” who tell us what is good and bad for us? Can anyone help me identify who the “they” are in the “They say ..” group? You know, the ones who proclaim emphatically that their position is supported by the panel of geniuses who give their life to study and analysis. The ones we all quote in the infamous phrase, “They say that …”. Who are “they”, really? Why must we treat them as credible and act on their research?"Funny Scientists Cartoon"

I remember as a kid hearing from the “experts” that coffee was good for you. Drink up. After all, your local coffee bean farmer is counting on it. It is good to the last drop, and you never asked for seconds at home. Then, suddenly coffee was bad because the caffeine was bad for you. It was an elixir of evil. So, they created decaffeinated coffee, which is like airplanes and restaurants having non-smoking sections. Coffee is coffee and smoke is smoke.

Then I remember as a kid the “experts” saying that eggs are good for you. Eat two a day and keep the doctor away (or was that apples?). Our poultry farmers were ecstatic and elated. Then, suddenly the experts decided that eggs were bad for you because the cholesterol was bad for you. So, we created egg beaters (as opposed to wife beaters which only really looked good on Patrick Swayze and Billy Ray Cyrus) for you to enjoy with your eggs benedict.

I remember as a kid when schools handed out the food pyramid charts and all of our moms lived by it. Then, after the results were not as rosy as they expected, suddenly that changed. We had a generation of unhealthy, overweight, hyperactive kids that were keeping their pediatricians and pharmacists busy while driving their teachers and parents nuts. We were taking all of our new found energy and proving the “experts” wrong."Food Pyramid"

I live in, and love, California. Does anyone remember that we were supposed to fall into the Pacific Ocean years ago and Nevada would now be beachfront property? Viva Las Vegas. If that is true, then why are the houses here so darn expensive?

Anyone remember the “experts” discussing global warming. Suddenly the earth was going to become a flaming meteor not even Superman could handle and we were all doomed. As quickly as these “experts” made that claim, it was discovered that things were not as they were presented and we might have a little longer to live here on this big ball called Earth."Earth On Fire"

So how do we reconcile the blatant misrepresentations and trust we have put in these panels of “experts”? We don’t. Ultimately, “experts”, whether they are in the health field, food and drug administration, education, ministry, or science, are humans who educate themselves based on their own prejudices, beliefs, and presuppositions. Then they communicate what will keep the people happy, big business running smoothly, and special interest groups lining pockets. This is not to minimize the incredible breakthroughs that have been effective in improving and saving lives.

My point is that we are the only ones that can be experts about our lives. I am not condoning living recklessly and ignoring warnings about being wise. But, as humans who live in a fallen world, ultimately we follow that which scratches where we itch. We will trust the pied piper and his soothing tune.

God is the only special interest group, panel of experts, and authority that we can rely on. He does not create substitutes or make us decide between life and death, good and bad. We choose. He sent his son, Jesus, to be the sacrifice we could never have been in order to give us eternal life. Ultimately, we must choose if we receive that and live it out according to the only expert advise we have been given – the Bible.

I am not saying to avoid advice from others. I am saying to learn to think on your own and trust God and the Bible to not lead you astray. The Bible is the best manual written on transformation. Don’t stress out over coffee, eggs, food pyramids, real estate, global warming or anything else created to instill fear and remove that internal filter God has installed in all of us who call him God."Bible"


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