Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 05/03/2010

Partner Parenting

"Husband & Wife Back 2 Back"Marriage is a partnership, and so is parenting. When I think of all the times my wife has spoken up in my life, I am truly blessed. I, and subsequently my family, would be a lot worse off had I remained “the man in charge”. That is not to say that I am not the head of my house as Christ is the head of the church. I am the head, as appointed by God, but I rule in a partnership. Did I decide alone to get married? No. My wife had to agree to marry me. Did I decide alone to have children? Of course not. Unfortunately, there are consequences beyond me alone about anything that I do decide alone. It can affect my entire family. We can’t make decisions in a vacuum, or a silo, when we are a couple and a family. God gives us stubborn, independent, narrow minded, and bridled men partners who are determined, focused, wise, discerning, and intuitive. Believe it or not, they usually want what is best for you and the rest of the family. Maybe you need to clean out your filters and have a discussion about trust, motives, respect, etc. (more about that later).

Don’t be threatened. I am not saying that our wives are smarter than us (although some probably are). They are just more discerning in areas where we often lack judgment. They can be more factual and less emotional most of the time. They are more calculating and think down the road, big picture. We don’t want to hear them tell us that a Harley Davidson is not a good anniversary gift. After all, we want it. Marriage and parenting are true partnerships and must be lived as such.

More to come!



  1. Its always interesting to read parenting from another person’s perspective. I agree, marriage is a partnership

    • I agree, although I do not like to think myself calculating and less emotional!

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