Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 04/03/2010

Transformational Families

I am excited to be writing some blogs about families. I am not an expert, nor am I pretending to be perfect. Life is a series of lessons to be learned, and I am a student. I enjoy learning all I can about families and the dynamics that make them work, or fail.

A family does not imply that you are married and have children. Families can be two individuals in the same house raising children who lead separate lives altogether. Families can be a married couple who does not yet have children (but you might have spiritual children). Families can be a single parent. It can even be a single person who has an extended family – parents, siblings, etc.

Regardless of where you are on the spectrum, these blogs will be specific to whatever I am learning and whatever truths I believe God is showing me at that time.

Some tough questions I ask myself; am I living in harmony with my spouse? Is there mutual respect, honor, submission? Are we merely passing time, coexisting, raising children? Are the children the only common bond we have? Am I exasperating my children? Do they obey me, so that it may go well for them and they may live a long life? Are my children exasperating me? Do we give them the remains of the day, the leftovers?

If we have any hopes of making any sustainable changes in the world, to the glory of God, then we must begin with our world. What is the state of the union in your home? It may be time for a check up to assess where you are and what God wants you to do to make any necessary course corrections.

Transformation must begin with us personally first, then move to our families, and then only after that God can use us as he wishes. I am not saying we are to sit silent until we are glowing with perfection. Rather, that we look inside so that what we are learning we can apply to our families and then transfer that as a family to the world in need.


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