Posted by: raisingworldchangers | 02/03/2010

Fight For Your Right

Hey men! Are you a builder of the wall? Nehemiah 4: 14b in the NIV says, “Don’t be afraid … Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”

Have you ever seen another person really fight for what they believe in? Picture pretty much any Rocky movie, or William Wallace in “Braveheart”, or Maximus in “Gladiator”. Whether or not you agree with their beliefs, you can’t ignore their fight. Rocky had something to prove himself and wanted to make a better life for his family. William Wallace died for what was so deep inside of him that it could not be"The Karate Kid" ignored, put aside, or re-directed. He would not live in a cage and under the rule of another. Maximus was probably most like Nehemiah. While serving a King in a foreign land, he lost his family to betrayal, greed, lust and dishonesty. That was the plight of Jerusalem as well. Nehemiah saw the injustice and knew he had to make it right.

That is how God wants us to fight, with His help, for what we believe in. Our families need to, and must, be fought for. Injustice is everywhere. Our brothers, sons, daughters, wives, and homes need to be restored and their walls rebuilt to the full glory God intended.

The key here was that Nehemiah mobilized his family, along with others, to fight with one hand and build the wall with the other in unison and in unity. Don’t fight alone or you will die alone. If you are married, engage your spouse to help. If you are a dad, engage your family. If you are a believer, engage your friends and your church. You are not any less brave for enlisting the help of others.

The church is the only institution that sends its women to the front lines. We men routinely set in the back, if we engage at all, working hard at being the provider and leave the fighting to our wives. Cowboy up! Be the man you were designed to be and fight. Your inheritance depends on it.


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